The Clerk’s List

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As one working in an office, possibly working as a clerk one would be faced with several tasks that vary from attending to paper work to looking into hiring staff or advertising to find new personnel to ensuring that other operations of the office run smoothly, such as by seeing as to if he company is stocked with all the necessary stationary and other equipment thereby being able to run a smooth uninterrupted service, during the course of the day. While this could seem to be a job which regards one to always be on their feet working nine to five, ne could also be particularly entitled to certain tasks, where they will only need to look into a particularly perspective of work, thus making their work rather less stressful and even more efficient.

While photocopying maybe the east of their tasks, one would also have to be in charge of other documentation work such as seeing as to if the watermarks and letterheads re in place and if the documents are properly dated. One would also be further expected to make copies of all the documents and to file them accordingly thereby always retaining a copy of each document which has left the office, and making it easier for further referencing as everything is stored organized accordingly. As constantly vigilant one should be especially in counting the allocated number of documents to be fixed, they should also ensure that the affixing of the papers into one document is done non erroneously and that they have packed or sorted them in a manner that one’s superiors would be able to able to easily transport them where required.

One will also have to be fully skilled in the process of editing out documents, may it be in the format of text or images as well as attend to the work that deals with the printing service. This could be hectic and pricey thus one should always be careful as to not make too many mistakes in the process and to also ensure that they have proofread all the necessary work prior to photogravure as once multiple copies have been reproduced, it would be a huge waste if they have to do away with the copies.

On a conclusive note, one will also need to work hand in hand with their managers and other executives, attending to their own personal work with regard to business matters, may it be typing out documents or posting documents, the focal point of work will always revolve around dealing and handling documents.

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