Month: December 2017

For an avid gardener it is always heart-breaking to see one of his or her beloved plants getting affected by some kind of a problem. While there are now enough ways in which we can solve the problem and protect the plant, there are also times when you just have to let go of the plant. Even if it is hard for you to watch a plant you love so much, a plant which has been providing shade for your garden for years, going through such a fate, you have to act quickly and take the right decision. It is always advisable to get the help of a professional arborist to understand the true condition and apply one of the three main solutions to such a problem.

Cutting Off That Part of the Plant

No arborist will suggest you to cut down the whole tree. Their first suggestion is always going to be going for a right tree pruning session in Hornsby where the whole affected area of the plant is removed methodically. Sometimes, when you start to remove the affected part of the plant you get to see how the infection or disease has travelled through the plant more than you realized. That will make matters more serious than you thought it would be. However, if you are working with a talented arborist they will know how to handle the situation.

Using Chemical Agents or Any Solution Which Can Fix the Problem

There are now certain solutions or chemical agents you can use to treat some kinds of infections certain plants get. You will have to first find the right solution and then spray it on to the affected area of the plant or mix it with water and water the plant with it as advised. Here again, if you know about these matters you can go ahead and take care of everything on your own. However, if you have no idea about such matters getting the help of a professional arborist is the wise decision to make.

Removing the Plant Completely

If both removing the affected area as well as using some kind of chemical agent do not work or cannot be used, you will have to go for the third option of tree removal Lindfield. In this option, the whole plant will be cut down. For that you have to definitely get the help of professional arborists. A talented professional arborist is the best person who can help you to find the right solution for a problem with a big plant.